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About Us is the Thangka Paintings Online shop & tanka art gallery for online wholesale and retail. We produce this traditional and ancient hand paintings art works of Nepal and Tibet on a scroll cotton canvas using various natural minerals extract colors, poster colors and real 24 carat gold that are painted based upon tibetan buddhist text/scripts. 

In tibetan language, a than-ka is a flat-painting which is a religious object and a medium for expressing Buddhist ideals that are executed on cotton canvas.

We have wide collection and exclusively selected thangkas from smallest to biggest sizes of any buddhist deities related to Tibetan Traditions, Newari Paubha Arts, Japanese Tanka, Chinese Version Thangka paintigs and many per custom requirements & order basis of clients. 

This online shop is managed and operated by a group of thanka paintings professional and experienced thangka artist dealing and producing thangka paintings since more than three decades with own workshop/factory and gallery cum shop located at heart of city Boudha, Kathmandu, the buddhist people heaven. 

These professional artists are guided by a reputed lama gurus and rinpoche who deals with them to produce a thangka as per the buddhist script. 

Our artist are well experienced with the thanka arts and paintings who live a life with thanka paintings and dedicated in this traditional art works. The artist are well equipped with all necessary knowledges and buddhist text script and information to prepare a thanka paintings.

So, our work are well appreciated all over the world and reached many dharma centres, monasteries, private collectors and dharma practitioners and getting our paintings regularly.

We have our own factory workshop for producing exclusive thangka paintings plus we also collect various thanka art works from different artist those who are our regular supplier and artist made as per our requirements.


Besides our production facility, we collect thangka paintings from many artistans who are freelancer working homebased at remote villages of nepal, and making for a living from this painting profession as well. So,we support them by buying and collecting from these soulful artists and make available to our clients as well.

Our main clients are from various Dharma Centres and Monasteries Lama Gurus and Rinpoches that we produce for them as per their requirements of deity, size and quality. And we do export and wholesale to our bulk buyers and resellers and retail shops as well. SO, our new targeted clients are shop vendors, importers, distributors or interested to buy products in bulk quantities as well, besides online retail sale.

With focussing varied clients, we produce thangka paintings from simple normal quality to high end exclusive master piece quality thanka paintings for both wholesale and retail. We make thanka size from 3x5 inches smaller to largest 40 feets scroll paintings and more bigger size as since we have capacities to make more bigger one as per our clients custom orders.

From this online thanka shop, we offer both retail and wholesale to our customer from our thanka collection. As per the custom requirements and online order we prepare thanka arts in a very reasonable and cost effective way delivering the quality art works as per the expectations. 

We Thanka Paintings Online Shop Team are working for quality services & delivering wide selection of exclusive collection of nepalese and tibetan thanka art scroll paintings through pleasent online shopping with 100 % safe, reliable and secure online transactions and committed to timely delivery of products.

If your would like to know more about us or our products, please feel free to reach us by phone at ++ 9779847376199 (Direct QUeries) or make contact through email on for more details..

Our valued visitors/clients' can make us feedback or give us any suggestions related to websites, likes and dislikes or any errors or false information published within website. Your feedbacks are highly appreciated.