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Delivery Information

We give upmost services to customers for maximum satisfaction in terms of product sales and support. We value our customer relationship and priority care is taken with the quality of products, accuracy, packaging and prompt delivery of shopped products. We focus on customer satisfaction by delivering quality product and reliable services. 

However, since all displayed products are handmade and hand labored, products that displayed in web and the physical products that our clients receive might have slight variations in comparision with the product picture displayed and differences in size/dimension mentioned, colors and of hand finishing nature.

Below is our Brief Details for Service Offered to our clients:

Product Delivery/Shipping :

Product shipment is the main part of customer service that we focus, Our products are shipped through reliable, renowned world class express/courier company's like FEDEx, DHL, UPS, TNT depending on destination, size and volume for fast, secure and reliable door to door express services.

We will notify our customers about delivery date in destination address once online payment is verified and get confirmation after completion of credit card verification. 

After that we will make email notification about product shipping status, online shippment tracking status and send you tracking no to track online from destination itself. If needed, we will again make re-confirmation for the shipping address and sales status.

Incase of any delays, we will inform you at instant and with the situation. If you have any questions before placing any online orders or shopping, please do contact us.

Shipping Charges/Calculation of Product weight :

All the shipping charges are made by following the standard rates of FEDEx, DHL, TNT, UPS. Shipping charges are based on product shipping weight with packaging and with its product size .i.e. dimensional volume  size and or weight of product.

We calculate weight by product net weight plus packaging weight which merely depends on size of the products.

For small dimension products (which do not comes under volumetric weight) we do not add additional weight calculation but for big or high volume and sized products we do have to add their volumetric weight and with size as shipping cost is based on dimensional volumetric weight which is IATA standard shipping rules.

So, we have to calculate and add weight with the products that we sell online.

In case of customized designed thangka, it will take time and inform you the tentative date to finish the product. 

Product Packaging :

We are very much concerned with the quality of products packaging and our clients satisfaction and safest delivery to the destination, so every and up most care is taken before delivery of products.